Jiri Petr is an international cameraman with his own professional 4K camera equipment, meaning he can be flexible and available at short notice.

He works with cameras with full-format chip (35mm) and external data recordings (raw recorders) to enable his clients to achieve maximum production quality even under difficult shooting or poor light conditions. It also gives his clients much more flexibility in post-production in terms of compositing and color grading.

For over 25 years, Jiri has been working with all current high-end film and camera formats (16mm / Super 16mm / 35mm / Super35mm), as well as the latest digital UHD+ camera technologies (ARRI, Sony, Panasonic, Red, etc.). In recent years he has also specialized in macro- and time-lapse recording.

An additional focus of interest is the development and design of computer-controlled remote and motion control technologies as well as wireless sound recording methods. As a general representative of the German company Dedolight in the Czech Republic, he is particularly familiar with professional lighting design and has direct access to high-end technology.